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Ye Olde Deepavali the Tambrahm way by V. Sriram

30 Oct

A wonderfully nostalgic offering from V. Sriram, author of ‘Carnatic Summer’ and well-known speaker, writer and music critic, who keeps track of changing Chennai in a traditionally festive season.

Nowadays Madras is called Chennai. Deepavali as it used to be properly called in olden time (not so long ago, how old do you think I am) is now Divali. Perhaps it is representative of the changing trends in this, our city. Last year I received an invitation for a cards party on the eve of Divali. To say I was surprised would be to put it mildly. Card sessions were always popular in the North where it is considered auspicious to lose money on the eve of Divali. But that they flourished outside Sowcarpet in Madras was news to me. Continue reading