Love… the Feng Shui Way by Kashmira Daruwala

14 Feb

Kashmira Daruwalla

Mrs. Kashmira Daruwala is a Feng Shui and Vaastu practitioner who also runs a Feng Shui Boutique called “Hide Out” in Egmore. Call 9444503795. Website:

No amount of red roses, pink hearts or soft toys that say “I Love You” will brighten the romance and love in your life if the main areas of your home are cluttered. Cluttered spaces give rise to stagnant Chi(Energy) which leads to various kinds of problems. So first and foremost removing clutter is a must in your home.To enhance your romance, marriage and relationship luck this Valentine’s Day concentrate on the Southwest and South sectors of your house. The Southwest is associated with the Earth element therefore try to place objects or artifacts here that are made out of crystal, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, marble or stone. Place a pair of Mandarin Ducks or a Dragon with Phoenix statue to bring in more passion and commitment to your relationship. In this year 2009 according to the flying Stars, the “Star of Romance” is in the South. The South represents the Fire element which can be activated by fixing bright lights, burning candles and also by using colours like pink and red. Red is the colour of passion and warmth but too much of it can be over powering. Use this colour to highlight one of your walls or use it in the form of accessories. Avoid using blues and black. Place a Phoenix on the southern wall to bring in opportunities for peace and happiness to your relationships.

Do Not 1. Use blues and black in the South and Southwest sectors. 2. Sleep below beams. 3. Have water in the form of aquariums, fountains or paintings of water in the bedroom. 4. Place mirrors in the bedroom. If you do have them, keep them covered at night. 5. Couples should use one double bed rather than two single beds.

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