Feng Shui at work by Gita Rajagopal

30 Jun

Gita Rajagopal

Ms.Gita Rajagopal is a multi-faceted personality. Apart from being a Fenshui and Vaastu expert, she is also an artist and consults on interior design. She is a person with culinary skills as well and has contributed to the ‘Buzz’ with a recipe of her own.

Wealth, fame, relationships, ancestors’ blessings, children’s prosperity, knowledge, friends, career and health form the intricate mosaic of human life. Each aspiration touches upon a facet of our life that we consider important and where we would want to see improvements. How can we achieve this using Feng Shui? There are eight cures that are generally employed to enhance or lessen the effects of an area.

The “house doctor” needs to be called in to diagnose the affected areas and prescribe a cure. Cures range from the tangible to the intangible, from the use of mirrors, crystals, colours, sounds and, lights to the use of living creatures and revolving objects. Each of these cures comes with a set of rules that need to be followed in order to maximize their effectiveness. All of them have a wide range of application and are at the discretion of the “house doctor”, similar to the discretion we accord a medical doctor when he or she prescribes medicines. Let us consider mirrors and their “healing” properties and the set of rules that go with it.

Mirrors are powerful cures in Feng Shui. They have the capacity to double up an area or expand the energy surface area of a space. While choosing mirrors, care should be taken that they are clear, of good quality, not chipped or cracked or tarnished. They should be either framed or bevelled. They should be hung in places reflecting happy pictures or scenes like flowers and trees from the garden, or pictures of animals or good landscapes. These bring home happiness and prosperity. They should not reflect beams, or busy roads or beds as all these create a lot of disharmony and chaos in households.

Mirrors should be hung flat against the wall. They should not be hung at an angle or positioned at an angle to the wall or the nook behind them since that would give a distorted perspective of the picture or scenery they reflect. They should not reflect the main door or a staircase or a toilet as mirrors reflecting the main door would cause good fortune to be reflected outwards, a mirror reflecting a staircase can bring in malevolent energy, and one that reflects a toilet door causes inauspicious incidents to occur unexpectedly. Concave and convex mirrors are also used in places to decrease or increase an area depending on the cure needed. Special care is needed when using the Bagua or the eight sided wooden framed mirrors sold all around and used randomly outside homes, as this does more harm than good.

Mirrors as a cure might seem a little confusing at the beginning. However, as one deepens the study of Feng Shiu and its cures and goes through corresponding case studies, the use of mirrors and their particular effects will become clearer.

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