Why I like Chamiers by Mansi, age 8

30 Jun


Mansi is 8 years old and studying in Lady Andal school. She is in grade four. Mansi plays competitive chess and has won some tournaments. She loves animals particularly dogs. Mansi swims,reads and spends time on the Net. Her favourite colour is purple.

Chamiers is one of my favourite places to shop and spend time in. It has so many big plants and the shop surrounded by a garden makes me feel happy. Its like Kiran aunty’s mini Amethyst and we don’t have to drive that long fom my home!!.

I celebrated my 7th Birthday in Chamiers. Mathangi aunty helped mom choose the menu. The food was yum, the cake most delicious and the strawberry soda was a big hit. All the uncles served us so lovingly and helped in decorating the place. My friends still remember the great time we had. It was one of my best Birthday parties.

For the 5th Anniversary of Chamiers I was selected to take part in the Fashion Show. I wore an Anokhi layered dress. Had a fun time with the other children and was happy when everyone clapped for us as we walked on the ramp!!

I think the best reason I like Chamiers is whatever mom buys I keep thinking of me wearing the same clothes and jewelry when I grow up. When mom tries the stuff I imagine myself in front of the mirror doing the same when I become older!!.

Now with the new kids range, there is one more reason I will be in Chamiers!

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