Happy Dining -The Feng Shui way!

30 Sep

Kashmira Daruwalla

Mrs Kashmira is a Vaastu and Fengshui Consultant who also runs an exclusive Fengshui showroom “Hide Out” at Egmore. For additional information please visit the Website : http://www.fengshuichennai.com.

The Fengshui of the family dining room is very important if you want to activate abandunce luck for the family. The ideal location of the dining room is in the centre or deep inside the house. When the heart of the home is regularly occupied by the whole family it creates harmony and prosperity Luck.

Important tips to ensure auspicious dinng rooms:-

1 Hanging an auspicious painting of food , eg – a still life with fruits will enhance the abundance and also ensures that there will always be food on the table.

2 Position a big mirror in the dining room such that it reflects the food and also the members sitting at the table. This helps to symbolically double your prosperity.

3 Round,square and rectangular dining tables are best. Check that nobody sits at the corners of the table as they create poison arrows which send negative energy.

4 Display fresh flowers on your table to create vibrant “Chi”.

5 Place the figures of three wise men – Fuk Luk Sau in your dining room overlooking the dining table for bringing in harmony and good Fortune.

6 To the Chinese people Wealth is almost synonymous with food. It is for this reason that many chinese homes fill their dining table until the dishes seem to spill over. Food on the table should always be filled to overflowing so that Wealth gets attracted into the Home.

7 Whenever there is a split level in your living and dining area, ensure that the dining sector should always be higher than the living area since food should be given greater respect.

8 It is an excellent idea for the family to dine together as this promotes togetherness.

9 Fengshui recommends a warm red or earthly colours for the dining area to enhance appetite. For those wanting to lose weight eat from black colour chinaware plates as black colour absorbs energy, subdues your senses and turns down your appetite.

Food Items – Many traditional dishes are made during Chinese New Year – Dumplings – Wealth, Noodles – Longevity, Lettuce – Prosperity, Seaweed – Good Luck and Fish – Abundance and togetherness.

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