The Magic of Romance by Chitra Mahesh

23 Apr

Chitra Mahesh

Just recently Full Circle played host to what people think of romance – does it rule lives? Does it make people better? And does it exist at all, given the hurly burly of life and this fast paced era with no patience and compassion? This came about ostensibly as a book launch of a breezy version of the ‘desi’ romance – when Seema will fall in love with Ajit and a Sita who will probably not be like the proverbial Sita in the Ramayana. But that is an entirely different story.

But for this occasion, the discussion that had Erum(fashion designer) and Abbas Ali( actor), Vivek Karunakaran and his wife of one year ,Shweta( also fashion designers), Paloma (VJ) and Chitra (free lance journalist) prodding them to ‘tell all’, the topics moved from roses and champagne to gay love and divorces. Bottom line? Everything happens and romance is that fleeting moment of joy, that needs to be savored for that moment given any situation.

Pointing this out was someone who felt that romance can be in everyday little things. For an elderly couple, the act of watching out where the other steps with care; or for a young couple , both women,  who share a cup of coffee oblivious to the world around them. Love is singular and love basically cannot harm, unless you choose it to.

Almost everyone thinks deep down of romance as one of the best things in life: It makes ordinary people extraordinary and moments so unforgettable , they are usually not recreated. The occurrence can happen, but in many ways. A glance across a crowded room that so many of us witnessed, when one of our common friends celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. They have simply reinvented romance, despite grown up kids and the hectic pace of life.

Not all end up thus, of course. There is heartbreak and there are breakups. And there is much hate involved , when things don’t work. But then hate is only the other side of the same coin and it is everybody’s choice to choose love. Love multiplies, while anger and hatred only divides.

So finding something special is really something that we can all look forward to. And that, one supposes, is the key to the way people think about romance that is ever present. Only sometimes, we just don’t see it.

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