A first timer at Chamiers

19 May

A blogger writes about two days in Chennai with her family and her post features Chamiers with some beautiful photographs! Read the original post at : http://chuzailiving.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/how-to-spend-two-days-chennai-tamil-nadu-india/


CHAMIERS CAFE was like an Oasis to me after a visit at the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. Kids were thirsty and needed to be fed. Chamiers is a life-style store with Anokhi‘s line of clothing and furnishing. It also has a section with a range of jewelry, craft and home decor. Chamiers Cafe is located above Anokhishop. In case you are not familiar, Anokhi is one of the very popular fashion brands from India. I have heard about Anokhi from my Japanese friend who lives in Mumbai, but I have yet to try Anokhi store there. I was glad to have a chance to visit Anokhi in Chennai, though!

Eco Cafe Chamiers

Chennai 201326

Chennai 201327

Chennai 201328

Chennai 201329

Eco Cafe Chamiers-10

Chennai 201330

Chennai 201331

106 Chamiers Road, R A Puram,
Chennai – 600028
Shop: 044 24311495
Cafe: 044 42030734
Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Open 7 days a week
Email: chamiershop@gmail.com
Blog | Home Page | Facebook

This is outside of the jewelry shop of Chamiers. There are so many lovely items sold inside the shop!
Eco Cafe Chamiers-15

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