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30 Sep


Lakshmi Vishwanathan is a well known dancer and writer. She has authored several books, the most recent being the best seller : “Women of Pride – the Devadasi Heritage”.

From the beginning of Time, mankind (and womankind) has been hair-obsessed. Fashion, style and other statements were made long before “Vogue” came into the picture. Picture this: Adam and Eve were happily romping around when suddenly they came across a glistening pond of water. They bent over to examine it, saw their faces and exclaimed : “God! How ugly!” They quickly ran their hands through their dishevelled hair, bringing some order to it, looked at each other and fell in love! The rest is of course history!. Continue reading


Happy Dining -The Feng Shui way!

30 Sep

Kashmira Daruwalla

Mrs Kashmira is a Vaastu and Fengshui Consultant who also runs an exclusive Fengshui showroom “Hide Out” at Egmore. For additional information please visit the Website :

The Fengshui of the family dining room is very important if you want to activate abandunce luck for the family. The ideal location of the dining room is in the centre or deep inside the house. When the heart of the home is regularly occupied by the whole family it creates harmony and prosperity Luck. Continue reading


30 Jul

Rangashree Srinivas

Rangashree Srinivas, is in love with Chennai and the Tamil language! Likes to work creatively with children and young people. Taps at a PC, editing and designing for a living.

AFAIK ppl feel F2T in dis way cos dey tlk only thro sms*.

If you cannot decipher this you are a lost case. Yes it is a fast world, the internet and mobile phones are all for rapid fire communication. Who has time for complete sentences even words? Sms lingo is finding its way into dictionaries; it is becoming an accepted norm. Continue reading

Feng Shui at work by Gita Rajagopal

30 Jun

Gita Rajagopal

Ms.Gita Rajagopal is a multi-faceted personality. Apart from being a Fenshui and Vaastu expert, she is also an artist and consults on interior design. She is a person with culinary skills as well and has contributed to the ‘Buzz’ with a recipe of her own.

Wealth, fame, relationships, ancestors’ blessings, children’s prosperity, knowledge, friends, career and health form the intricate mosaic of human life. Each aspiration touches upon a facet of our life that we consider important and where we would want to see improvements. How can we achieve this using Feng Shui? There are eight cures that are generally employed to enhance or lessen the effects of an area. Continue reading

Achieving the Dynamic Balance of Mind-Body by Santosh & Nita

30 Jun

Santosh & Nita, are certified by STOTT PILATES (internationally renowned for their quality of its training) and have a background in Sivananda & Iyengar Yoga. Leap Wellness Studio is Chennai’s first and only Pilates Studio offering Pilates training, both on the mat & equipment, and Functional Yoga and is located at #31, 4th Main Road, the very first left cutting off Greenways Road – very close to Chamiers. Contact: Nita: 9840072626, Santosh: 9840083340.

Haven’t you (like I often do), marvelled at the powerful grace & muscular control of skilled practitioners of ballet, Yoga & gymnastics – their apparently easy and effortless movements? How they maintain a calm and centred stillness, even in the most difficult positions that seem to defy the laws of gravity – almost as if grounded by some mysterious force within. Continue reading

Why I like Chamiers by Mansi, age 8

30 Jun


Mansi is 8 years old and studying in Lady Andal school. She is in grade four. Mansi plays competitive chess and has won some tournaments. She loves animals particularly dogs. Mansi swims,reads and spends time on the Net. Her favourite colour is purple.

Chamiers is one of my favourite places to shop and spend time in. It has so many big plants and the shop surrounded by a garden makes me feel happy. Its like Kiran aunty’s mini Amethyst and we don’t have to drive that long fom my home!!. Continue reading

Love… the Feng Shui Way by Kashmira Daruwala

14 Feb

Kashmira Daruwalla

Mrs. Kashmira Daruwala is a Feng Shui and Vaastu practitioner who also runs a Feng Shui Boutique called “Hide Out” in Egmore. Call 9444503795. Website:

No amount of red roses, pink hearts or soft toys that say “I Love You” will brighten the romance and love in your life if the main areas of your home are cluttered. Cluttered spaces give rise to stagnant Chi(Energy) which leads to various kinds of problems. So first and foremost removing clutter is a must in your home. Continue reading