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Vibrant Chi

30 Dec

Kashmira Daruwalla

Are you in the process of moving home or office, or contemplating a move? Here’s Feng Shui expert Kashmira Daruwalla’s take on moving.

It is always good to shift into a new premises as it signifies fresh Energy which is positive and vibrant. The minute you walk into a new place you begin a relationship with that environment and get connected to its natural energies. Adapting Vaastu and Feng Shui in the premises enhances the quality of Energy flows and the benefits derived are tremendous. Orienting your home to a good direction, proper placement of important rooms, locating the ideal site for water features and landscaping supports the occupants and gives them motivation and strength. For existing structures you can enhance Energy flows with judicious use of positive Feng Shui symbols. Continue reading

Love… the Feng Shui Way by Kashmira Daruwala

14 Feb

Kashmira Daruwalla

Mrs. Kashmira Daruwala is a Feng Shui and Vaastu practitioner who also runs a Feng Shui Boutique called “Hide Out” in Egmore. Call 9444503795. Website: http://www.fengshuichennai.com

No amount of red roses, pink hearts or soft toys that say “I Love You” will brighten the romance and love in your life if the main areas of your home are cluttered. Cluttered spaces give rise to stagnant Chi(Energy) which leads to various kinds of problems. So first and foremost removing clutter is a must in your home. Continue reading