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Achieving the Dynamic Balance of Mind-Body by Santosh & Nita

30 Jun

Santosh & Nita, are certified by STOTT PILATES (internationally renowned for their quality of its training) and have a background in Sivananda & Iyengar Yoga. Leap Wellness Studio is Chennai’s first and only Pilates Studio offering Pilates training, both on the mat & equipment, and Functional Yoga and is located at #31, 4th Main Road, the very first left cutting off Greenways Road – very close to Chamiers. Contact: Nita: 9840072626, Santosh: 9840083340.

Haven’t you (like I often do), marvelled at the powerful grace & muscular control of skilled practitioners of ballet, Yoga & gymnastics – their apparently easy and effortless movements? How they maintain a calm and centred stillness, even in the most difficult positions that seem to defy the laws of gravity – almost as if grounded by some mysterious force within. Continue reading