Reinventing Tradition

7 Oct

Gulmohar is a young new label with a vision to responsibly create clothing that is handcrafted, high quality, beautiful and elegant. With Gulmohara focus on natural fabrics, quality craftsmanship, responsible and sustainable business practices, Gulmohar aims to preserve the legacy of Indian textile art in all its glory, making natural fabrics and traditional craftsmanship viable again

Every Gulmohar garment is a tribute to old world charm and in the same breath an ode to the cosmopolitan woman of today. A deep appreciation of fabric art is combined with an understanding of body types, modern lifestyles and fashion trends. Gulmohar 3

Inspired by the traditional block prints of Rajasthan, Gulmohar combines traditional motifs with elegant silhouettes, in tops, tunics, dresses, skirts, jackets, sarees, stoles,. With the finest techniques, every Gulmohar outfit is designed for comfort. The clothing is a celebration of fabrics, from soft cottons, delicate muls and wrinkled voiles to natural khadi and crisp linen. Gulmohar recently showcased at Chamiers again, introducing a  line of home linen including bed covers and dohars, in addition to garments.

Don’t miss Gulmohar at Chamiers on October 10 & 11, 2014!

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