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Feline Felony

30 Jan

He was stuck in the last few feet of traffic before the multiplex when Dev called him and told him that he and Manoj couldn’t make it to the film. There was a crisis on at office, he said, and they would probably be firefighting till midnight. “Damn!” he thought. “If they had only called before I left work, I could have headed straight home. Now do I go in or not?” Of course, he wasn’t a scared girl going alone for a movie for the first time. He had sought solitary escape in movie halls before months ago, when he was first getting over Sowmya’s breaking up with him. He was well over that now. “I don’t really need to go in,” he thought. “But I’m now in the parking lot! And there’s no escape for the next two and a half hours at least! Oh, well…” Continue reading